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Summer Picnic Boxes + Craft Beer

We are so incredibly excited to be teaming up with our favourite local craft beer brewery, Town Square Brewing, for a special summer offer. Curated ready to eat picnic boxes that you can grab for your park date in the sun this summer.

Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to start thinking picnics! Create your own picnic experience with a handcrafted curated picnic box from Benny’s Bread. Available exclusively in partnership with Town Square Brewing, you can support local while enjoying the summer.

Large Picnic Box


Small Picnic Box


Find a spot in a city park this summer where you can enjoy the sun, fun, food, and a drink or two! Now is the perfect time to enjoy all that our city has to offer; with the City of Edmonton piloting designated alcohol consumption picnic spots in our parks this summer.

It’s the perfect time to pick up a gourmet picnic box and your favourite local craft beer, for a no hassle picnic experience!.

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Checkout Town Square Brewing Below!

"As they say, It's not the size that counts. Our brewery might be small but that has nothing to do with the gigantic flavors coming from our brews. We aren't afraid to step outside the box. In fact that is exactly what we aim to do. You can count on rotating taps as we take traditional recipes and put our own twists on them bringing you something new every time you visit. "